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Treat your Kids to Gingerbread House Making this Christmas

Decorating gingerbread houses is a growing kiwi tradition and a much-anticipated event for families at Christmas time. 
From 11am on Sunday 20th December, We warmly invite the younger gourmets to join us on a fun-filled day of gingerbread making. Will Eaglesfield, our talented executive chef, will be assisting the children in the creation and decoration of these

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Yes! Tomahawk steaks are back

We are delighted to report that our prized Tomahawk steaks are back on the menu.
To our regulars, the moment you have been waiting for has arrived and the ultimate portion of steak can again be served up.
For those that have never tried this house favourite before, the steak

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What’s the Eichardt’s Connection?

The Eichardt’s connection to the rich history of Queenstown is alive and well; embodied in the cocktail menu we have thoughtfully crafted ahead of the grand opening of The Grille by Eichardt’s. Each new creation gives a tip of the hat and a nod of the head to the founders

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